Checkups at your house include

  • Button_PawsLetting the dog out to potty
  • Feeding, checking water
  • One on one play time
  • Administering oral/injection medication (if needed)

There is no additional charge to check in on your cats.

A 20-minute walk during a home visit is an additional charge.


We need the completed forms with all details before boarding. Please download or print the form.

1. Download Service Agreement Form
2. Download Checkups and Visits Form
3. Download Example Certificate of Vaccination Form

Dog Checkups and Visits
(Within 10 miles of Lawrence)

  • Dog Checkups and Visits
    (Within 10 miles of Lawrence)
  • $15 Check-ins per visit  (play, feeding, potty break)
  • $25 Check-ins with a 20-minute walk
  • Free Care for cats when dog care service is
    provided at your home

Q: What should I bring when I drop off my dog?

A: Enough dog food for the entire trip as switching foods can be hard on your dog’s tummy.

Collar with tags, a leash, any medicine the dog may require. You may also want to bring the dog’s bed or blanket or shirt that smells like you.

If there is a toy your dog really loves you may want to leave it at home so it doesn’t become community property with the other boarders.

Q: What is a custom quote?

A: We can offer owner’s a custom quote based on your unique situation.

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