Whether half day or a full day of care, you can count on personal and professional attention to each dog in our care.

We will provide photo and/or video updates of their day.

Services include playtime in the back yard and a nice walk, personal and professional attention to your pets.

We accept all sizes of dogs, ranging from small to giant, and all ages, ranging from less than one year to seniors. paws1

At Maya’s Stay and Play, we understand the special needs of rescue and older dogs. We have 33 years of experience owning and caring for dogs.

You can rely on us to follow your directions in regard to feeding schedules, and administering oral or injection medications, if needed.

Creature comforts include extra beds, toys, leashes and so forth. Button_Paws


We are flexible, but generally…

1/2 Day Morning at Maya’s Stay & Play:……….. 7am – 12pm

1/2 Day Afternoon at Maya’s Stay & Play:……… 12:30pm – 5:30pm

Full Day Care at Maya’s Stay & Play:……… 6am – 5pm or 7am – 6pm


Full Day (5+ Hours)
  • $23 Per Dog
Half Day (Morning or Afternoon) 5 hours or less
  • $12 Per Dog


We need the completed forms with all details before boarding. Please download or print the form.

1. Download Service Agreement Form
2. Download Boarding Form at Maya’s Stay & Play
3. Download Example Certificate of Vaccination Form

Q: What should I bring when I drop off my dog?

A: Enough dog food for the entire trip as switching foods can be hard on your dog’s tummy.

Collar with tags, a leash, any medicine the dog may require. You may also want to bring the dog’s bed or blanket or shirt that smells like you.

If there is a toy your dog really loves you may want to leave it at home so it doesn’t become community property with the other boarders.

Q: What is a custom quote?

A: We can offer owner’s a custom quote based on your unique situation.


Schedule a meeting to see for yourself why dogs love Maya’s Stay and Play.


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